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Sanjay Paswan, Paramanshi Jaideva

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Encyclopaedia of Dalits in india About The Book This research based, extensive, comprehensive, authentic and analytical series of 14 volumes is a merited endeavour which throws light on problems of Dalits and their history. The encyclopaedia is divided into fourteen volumes, in a logical and issue-based order with almost all related and relevant issues, covered extensively. Keeping in view the authenticity and mines of information which these volumes contain, it will be highly useful research reference tool for all academicians, sociologists, research scholars and students. The set will be a valuable asset to each library and information centre at national and international level. Volume 1: General Study; entails an over-all picture of the dalits in the immediate contexts of their life, right from the elementary ages of history to the modern developments of today. Scheduled Caste constituencies and the figures of MLAs and MPs will prove a common relish to the readership. Volume 2: Struggle for Self Liberation; registers the struggles of dalits for their dignitiful existence till today. It illicits wonders, why such noble aim of theirs is yet betrayed from their endeavours of thousands of years ? Volume 3: Movements; reports about each and every movement carried on according to the dalits dictates till today. Volume 4: Leaders; portrays those all mighty dalits souls who non-accepted the social order of their non-dignified existence and stood firm in dignity to assert their own proverbs. Volume 5: Reservation; speaks its now contextual historical development and the consequential results. Volume 6: Constitution; constitutes the postulates of all available laws, which affirms the protection to the dalits and their causes. Volume 7: Social Justice; makes a recent report on how far the portion of social justice is engineered in the dalit mass. Volume 8: Emancipation and Empowerment; overviews the present status of betterment in the life and its postulates of dalits. Volume 9: Women; represents dalit women from their crudest to today’s a little bettered status in all concerns. Volume 10: Education; deals in entirety with status of education of dalits. Volume 11: Literature; compiles all the pioneer dalit literature in one detailed. Volume 12: Human Rights: Problems and Perspectives; overviews the human rights shared with, observed by and protected to the dalits in present time. Volume 13: Human Rights: Role of Police and Judiciary; looks deep into the role of these law enforcement agencies and their level of conduct intact with the protection and assistance to dalits’ realization of human rights. Volume 14: Human Rights: New Dimensions in Dalit Problems: talks of the problems cropping up with bettered status of dalits with redress. Contents Preface. • Introduction. • Through the Ages. • In Hindu Philosophy. • Religious Life. • Social Life. • Inter-Case Relatioins. • Health and Hygiene. • Economic Life. • The Emancipation. • Fruits of Reservation. • Role of Advanteged. • Ideology behind Concopiousness Contritutional Safeguards. • Political Life. • Conversions. • A Common Ideology for Dalits of Christianity and other Faiths. • Scheduled Casted Condtituencies:MPs and MLAs . • Index. • About the author/editor Dr. Sanjay Paswan, a social scientist and Member of Parliament. Dr. Paramsnshi Jaideva, an historian and scholar of Pali language. Both are authority on Dalit affairs. The dynamic authores have taken up this project as a challenge and accomplished it quite painsrtakingly, following a toilsome excercise, over a span of sevela years.

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