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Welcome to Gyan Books (P) Ltd. One of the world’s premier English language publishers, besides its bilingual trend with language Hindi, Gyan Books publishes a large variety of books on subjects ranging from Humanities and Social Science to Encyclopaedia and essential reference. With worldwide trade network and access to authors, Gyan Books is one of the largest English-language trade publishers in Indian subcontinent

A curious publisher of new disciplines, it represents the new researched thorough thoughts and facts on the various issues essential to add a boost to the Indian developmental process and other solution-based orientations. Founded in 1984 and headquartered in New Delhi, Gyan Books publishes the whole range of subjects categorically furnished with intelligence and beauty, erudite researches and the novel thoughts of the well-experienced authors.

To be published is a thrilling thing Every author wishes to get his/her work published at the earlier instance of time. And, it becomes easy with Gyan Books. Through the guidelines enlisted below, one understands well the process one gets published.

The following guidelines capably help an author understand the process of submission and evaluation of Proposals and Manuscripts at Gyan Books.

What kind of Proposals is entertained and evaluated? What should a Proposal contain?
Gyan Books entertains Proposals in Humanities, Science, Art and Literature, Religion, Biographies and memoirs, Defence, Sports, Law, Police, Management, Media, Criticism, Studies: Tribal, women, Minority, Foreign, Child, Environment, Scheduled caste, State based issue etc, Tourism, Encyclopaedia, Current Affairs, Business, Health and Hygiene, Self-help, Agriculture, Applied Science, Terrorism, Occult Science, Research Work, Dictionary, Reference and Illustrated books.
In all the above mentioned areas, which cover almost every field of study and information, one can put the Proposal for works in languages, English and Hindi. Though we prefer English, priority to an outstanding work is never neglected.
We don’t publish textbooks, but we do publish books on human and social science, newly-emerged disciplines and other applied vocational subjects. A Proposal sent in beyond the areas mentioned would be considered for publication also.
Gyan Books represents higher and advanced studies; therefore it doesn’t publish children-books.
It should contain the whole manuscript tagged with the synopsis. The synopsis entails a note on the scope and aspect. At this very stage of submission, Proposal contains a leaf of required information about the Author.
How to send the Proposal, and to whom?
It can be sent in hard copy through regular post or courier, or in soft copy through e-mail or CDs. CDs can be sent in through registered post or courier. It is important, the Proposals sent to us are never returned, therefore, it is obligatory on the part of the author, he/she should retain a copy of Proposal with him/her.
Should an author send in a complete Manuscript? Whom to contact during the process of evaluation?
Yes, it is required. At the very initial stage, the standing publishing potential of the work is evaluated for the merits in terms of structure, style, contents, readership and market It takes at least one month for a detailed evaluation of the manuscript, and during this evaluation-period, it is good to say, Gyan Books is unable to respond to any queries of the author by phone, fax, e-mail or in person.
Further, Gyan Books bears no obligation to assign any reason along with the final denial.
What is the process of evaluation, and how long does it take? Will the submitted material be returned?
It first evaluates the chapters to get an insight into the work and its potential for publication. It is done serially and soon, and categorically informed about the evaluation result to the author.
The entire manuscript is evaluated with required diligence by a team of editors for its merits: language, style, topic, readability, competition, marketability and sales potential. This detailed evaluation takes a minimum of one month and after such due process of evaluation, the final decision is communicated to the author.
Owing to large number of submissions, we feel quite incapable of returning the materials (Proposal or Manuscript) if the Proposal doesn’t fit in our publishing program. It is better to keep a copy of the submission.
How to get ensured of the evaluation of the Proposal? Should one come to submit the Proposal in person?

Gyan Books seeks a trust from authors, readers and other associated sections. We invite the Proposals and curiously look into them for potential which promotes the work. The judicious editorial section values all the submissions and evaluates diligently the Proposals without any prejudice. Further, we have punctual and well-functional officials at the receiving end of the submissions.

Thus it happens naturally, an author at the stage of submission has few reasons to come in person to submit.

However, an author is always most welcome to our office. In our opinion the presence of the author is productive. The Reception helps him/her to the right officials.

When the terms and conditions- royalties, territories, number of copies, distribution network – are discussed?

These are decided through a discussion only on final acceptance of the work for publication. These terms and conditions are decisions which are taken on each individual work, and they differ from work to work. With an immediacy, an author is informed about the final acceptance of the Proposal, and is invited for discussion pertaining to the terms and conditions. It is too early to ask about these at the time of submitting the Proposal. The author should wait an enevitable communication from us.

Can a Proposal be re-sent in, once rejected?

Sorry, we don’t entertain the same Proposal which once has not satisfied our evaluation.

Can a Proposal be sent elsewhere while it is submitted to Gyan Books? Can a manuscript be evaluated by Gyan Books and other Publishing House simultaneously?

A Proposal can be submitted elsewhere while it is submitted to us. However, an author is requested to inform us of the same. This is further requested, an author should inform us of the acceptance of his proposal for publication elsewhere as soon as it is done. This will render a good help on our part, we will then be able to stop the evaluation of the Proposal or the manuscript.

Further, after the preliminary evaluation of the Proposal, if an author is asked to submit his/her manuscript to us, he/she should not submit the same if he/she has submitted it to another publishing house in the mean time. He/She can however submit the manuscript to us, if it is finally turned down by another publishing house, or he/she has withdrawn the same.

It is further requested, an author should not submit his/her manuscript elsewhere during its detailed evaluation is going on with us. However, an author is at liberty to communicate us to stop the evaluation of a manuscript at any stage before our final communication to him/her.

Some Do's and Don’ts

The following answers to frequent Asked Question (FAQS) lead one to understand the procedure of submitting manuscripts to us.

A Proposal includes the complete manuscript, synopsis and Author’s details.

Submit the Proposal through post, courier, CD, e-mail, or in person. While submitting through post or courier, the hard copies should be typed out in A-Four size paper ideally.

Do retain a copy of the material sent, for more than often it is not returned.

Do inform us about subsequent submission of your manuscript to another publishing house, while your proposal is under our evaluation.

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