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Edited by:- Sarthak Sengupta, Juri Borah

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The stimulating compilation of research contribution accommodated in 'Dimensions of Anthropological Research in Northeast India' includes seventeen research articles by eminent and experienced academicians and scholars highlighting various issues covering socio-cultural, biological, demo graphic, prehistoric, ethnoarchaeological and several other aspects of diverse ethnic groups of Northeast India. The anthology provides an overview of the nature and development processes of anthropological research in Northeast India. The volume will serve as a useful resource book for researchers including anthropologists, sociologists besides other specialists in the field of social sciences, besides planners, policy makers and indeed anyone with a concern about the population groups of Northeast India.


Sarthak Sengupta received his M.Sc (1977) and Ph.D. (1983) degrees in Anthropology from Dibrugarh and Gauhati University respectively. He worked with the Anthropological Survey of India and North Eastern Hill University, Shillong for quite some time. Professor Sengupta in all has about 270 research articles published in various
reputed national and international professional journals besides several chapters in edited volumes. Moreover, he has to his own credit twenty well-knitted books on Northeast Indian tribes. He has mentored ten number of Ph.Ds and completed several major research projects. He is an active life and executive member of several professional anthropological bodies and member of editorial boards of The Indian Journal of Anthropology, West Bengal; Bulletin of the Department of Anthropology, Dibrugarh University; Vision NE, Lakhimpur, Assam. Dr. Sengupta is at present Professor and Head, Department of Anthropology; and Director (i/c), Centre for Northeast Studies, Dibrugarh
University, Assam. His current research interest is genetical demography, globin gene distribution, population genetics, bio-social studies, diet and nutrition, indigenous health practices and disadvantaged tribal population groups of Northeast India.

Juri Borah (b 1990) is presently working as an Assistant Professor of Anthropologyat the Dibrugarh University of Assam on contractual basis. She completed her Master degree (2012) and Ph.D (2018) both f rom the Department of Anthropology, Dibrugarh University. She obtained First Class both in B.A. and M.A. Examination with specialization in Physical Anthropology from Dibrugarh University. The area of her research interests is in reproductive health, demography, dermatoglyphics, and ethnomedicine. She has written more than 20 research papers in various peer-reviewed journals, and as book chapters besides several popular article till date. Dr. Borah is Life Member of Indian National Confederation and Academy of Anthropologists, West Bengal.


Preface -------- 7

Acknowledgements ------------ 9

List of Contributors ------------ 11

List of Tables -------- 13

List of Figures --------- 15

1. Reassessing Social Structure as a Model of Studying Northeast Indian Tribal Communities in a state of Flux ----- 17
— Rajat Kanti Das

2. Revisiting the Domain of Oral Tradition and Folklore among the Tribes of Northeast India ------ 27
— C.J. Sonowal

3. Tribal Customary Laws and Rights of Women in Northeast India ------- 55
— Rajendra Prasad Athparia

4. Hindu Epics in the Performing Arts: An Observation from A Buddhist Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh --- 71
— Jayanta Sarkar

5. Suicide - A Public Health Issue with Special Reference to Arunachal Pradesh ---- 79
— Tarun Mene

6. Maternal Health Seeking Behaviour of Three Tai Groups of Northeast India ----- 89
— Yikham Gogoi and Sarthak Sengupta

7. Semkhor Village and the Semsa ------- 109
— Dipali G. Danda

8. Infant Mortality among the Dibongiya Deori of Assam: An Empirical Analysis ---- 121
— Juri Borah and Sarthak Sengupta

9. The Situation of Elderly Living in Old Age Homes in Assam ------------ 145
— Bikash Deka and Basobi Patir

10. The Jirkedam: An Indispensable Socio-cultural Organization in the Pristine Karbi Society of Assam ------ 171
— Birinchi K. Medhiand Bimla

11. Recent Doctoral Researches in Anthropology: A Preliminary Survey in Manipur ----- 197
— M C Arun kumar and Pebam Krishnakumari

12. Inequality in the Practices of Manipur Megalithic Traditions ---------- 209
— Potshangbam Binodini Devi

13. Prehistoric Stone Tool and Thunderstone - Issues with Semiotic and Agency ------- 227
— Mayanglambam ManiBabu

14. Fleshing the Skeleton: Understanding Prehistoric Cultures in Garo Hills ------ 247
— Queenbala Marak

15. Rat-hole Mining in Meghalaya: Consequences and Concerns --------- 271
— Geetika Ranjan

16. Anthropology of Naming Culture among the Chakhesang Nagas ---- 279
— Lhiwepe Therie and Nitul Kumar Gogoi

17. From History to Memory: Religion, State and Traditional Crafts in Sikkim, India -------- 287
— Sumahan Bandyopadhyay

Index ------ 305

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