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Pankaj Gupta

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India is one of the oldest civilizations and carries a rich legacy. Our social practices were set in place by our ancestors. There were sound reasons for these practices which were meant to uplift all of life. With time, the practices were tainted and turned into pale imitations of the original practices. This story is about the impact of one such malpractice on individuals and how one can fight with these Evils if one has conviction. A beautiful soft and emotional love story that shows how one may stand up to the cruelty of society and create an empowered life despite all odds. The sensitive story is not just another story but is sure to touch one’s heart. The reader will be able to connect with the protagonists. This might well be their own story, or that of the girl next door.


Pankaj Gupta, an IT Professional, Mentor and Coach, having 24 years' corporate experience covering various industries. His versatile and diversified experience depicts in his envision and writing. This is his second book. His earlier book was '3d of Life' launched in 2014 and was highly appreciated by book lovers & critics. He is an activist who played a noteworthy role in changing many social evils, social welfare and have been a shining beacon of hope.


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