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Dr. Narayan Raj

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This is richly detailed and meticulously written book. Narayan Raj offer his readers a glimpse into the life of Seven Generations of the Kayasth Saxena Family and its contribution to literature. It is a valuable contribution to the literary history of Asaf Jahi period. The book highlights the contribution of the family to the overall development of the Hyderabad State. It has also unearthed neglected areas of the history of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. This book has also highlighted the fact that during Nizam rule the religious tolerance and communal harmony was maintained in the State. It is a valuable work on socio-cultural and literary history. The contribution of the Kayasth Family is noteworthy.

It is a unique presentation and first of its kind. It serves as a guide for the religious tolerance in present day society..


Dr. Narayan Raj has obtained his Ph.D. Degree. He comes from the illustrious Kayasth Saxena family of Hyderabad. He held senior position in public and private sector companies. Presently, he is the Managing Trustee of Narhari Pershad Charitable Trust and on Board of Trustees of Dr. Zore Foundation.

He compiled jointly a book in Urdu and co-edited and compiled a book in Persian. He is a joint author of a book 'The Mughals” in English. He has translated, edited and updated a book “Kayasth Kul Nirnay' in English which is under publication.


Foreword . 9

Preface . 17

1. Introduction .23

2. Raja Ram Pershad . 39

3. Rai Swami Pershad . 49

4. Rai Narhari Pershad . 59

5. Raja Girdhari Pershad Mahbub Nawazwant ‘Baqi’ Alias Bansi Raja .77

6. Raja Narsing Raj ‘Aali’.137

7. Rai Narhar Raj ‘Saqi’ . 165

8. Dr Bhaskar Raj Saxena . 181

9. Mahbub Raj ‘Mahbub’ . 191

10. Dr Sheela Raj . 209

11. Conclusion . 239

References . 245

Index . 251

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