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Edited by : - Sudip Bhui, Mita Sarkar (Das), Palash Chandra Coomar

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India within its landmass, has given shelter to a large number of castes and religious groups with varied culture, sects, economy, political ideologies and religious faiths. All these have made Indian society a highly stratified and complex one. Along with these the biological variations are also highly significant. The critical and detailed analysis of all these will certainly provide adequate knowledge and idea about how these are functioning, and for the deep and detailed analysis, what is essential is first hand detailed data direct from the field.

In this book, there are thirty articles of different themes and contributors have made their contribution on different topics and view points. We have spread over the articles in four parts, each part having one particular theme, namely, Part-One: Indigenous and minority Population; Part-Two: Dimension of Human Resource Development Part – Three: Anthropometry and health; Part-Four: Vulnerable and essential of our population.

This little mission, we believe will enrich the knowledge of the academicians, scholars and the students to understand the real situation at the grass root level and also help the planners and bureaucrats in realizing the real problems and also help in implementing proper development programmes.


Sudip Bhui, M.Sc. (Anth.), M.Sc. (Bot.), M.Phil. (b. 1977) is presently Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology and Tribal Studies, Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University. He is at present undertaking research work on indigenous health care system. He is associated with many professional organisations. He is also the author of some books and articles.

Mita Sarkar (Das), M.Sc., Ph.D. (b. 1966) is currently associated with Indira Gandhi Centre for National Integration, Visva Bharati University. Her area of research interest is Medical Anthropology, Tribal Studies and Women Studies. She has attended many National and International Seminars in both India and aboard. To her credit twenty four research papers are published in different books and National and International journals.

Palash Chandra Coomar, M.Sc., Ph.D. (b. 1956) retired as the Joint Director of Census Operations, West Bengal, Government of India. During his service period he has undertaken research work among both tribal and non-tribal communities living in West Bengal, Sikkim, Bihar and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. He has published twelve books and more than fifty articles.


Preface 11

Acknowledgement 15

Introduction 17

List of Contributors 29


1. Government’s Approach to Tribal Development : 35
Some Rethinking
Mita Sarkar (Das) Palash Chandra Coomar

2. An Approach to the Concept of Tribal Development 47
Mita Sarkar (Das)

3. Sahariya Development : A Micro Level Study of 55
Madhya Pradesh
Swapan Kumar Kolay

4. Indigenous Population:Their Problems and Prospects in 83
Prabhat K. Singh and Jagdeep Oraon

5. How Rights Based Public Policies are Influencing 91
Tribal Welfare in Odisha
Brajaraja Mishra

6. Emerging Problems of the Indigenous People on 109
the Way to Development
Samar Kumar Biswas

7. Conservation Through Religious Practices: A Case Study 119
of Hussain Dighi of West Bengal
Hasibul Rahaman
8. Stratification among the Muslims of North Bengal 131
Rajib Chatterjee

9. Muslims of Darjeeling Hills: Issues of Their Development 141
Rajib Chatterjee

10. Transformation of Material Culture withReferance to 147
Occupational Change among the Khariasof Purulia
District in West Bengal
Srikrishna Mondal

11. Assessment of Developmental Inputs among the Lodhas of 163
Paschim Medinipur in West Bengal
Santanu Panda


12. How to Develop Human Resource to Learn Anthropology 173
in Better Way ?
Abhijit Guha

13. Issues and Problems in Agricultural Development: 179
A Study on the Farmers of West Bengal
Arun Makal, Abhradip Banerjee, Avik Roy,
Suman Hazra and Krishnendu Polley

14. Recruitment Procedure and Status of Workers: 191
An Observation on Industries of Two States in India
Salil Kumar Dutta, Dibyendu Maiti and Avijit Halder

15. Availability of Drinking Water Facilities to Maintain 203
Quality of Life in the Medinipur Municipality Areas of
Paschim Medinipur District : An Anthropological Evaluation
Sonali Giri and Suman Kalyan Samanta

16. Gandhian Thought in Manbhum District: 217
An Historical Study
Pradip Kumar Mandal

17. A Folk Society on the Way to Modernisation: 221
Opportunities and Challenges
Ashok Das Gupta


18. Employment Status and Its Association with Health and 249
Lifestyle among College Students
Arupendra Mozumdar and Gary Luguori
19. Conventional Health Care System in Selected Villages of 267
Rural West Bengal : A Brief Glimpses
Abhijit Ghosal and Sovan Chakraborty

20. Health, Poverty and Economic Development with Special 285
Reference on Rural Odisha
Anjali Dash

21. Age Variation in Obesity, Adiposity and Central Fat 301
Distribution among the Bengalee Adult Males of
Hridaypur, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal
Chandra Sekhar Roy, Ashish Mukhopadhyay
and Mithu Bhadra

22. Nutritional Assessment of Adult Male Munda and Oraon 315
Tribals of Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, India
Kaushik Bose, Bigitendriya Debsharma, Subal Das

23. Poverty and Reproductive Mother-Child Health: 323
An Emerging Problem in the Unorganised Occupational
Somenath Bhattacharjee


24. Role of Tribal Women in Indigenous Health Care System 345
in Two Districts of West Bengal
Sudip Bhui

25. Functional Disability of the Elderly Santal People 349
Mohan Chandra Dolai and FalguniChakrabarty
26. Socio-Economic Problem and Assessment of Nutritional 359
Status of Elderly Male of Chakdah Municipal Town,
West Bengal
Bigitendriya Debsharma

27. Child Workers : A Great Hindrance on the Way to 373
Biswanath Gan

28. Governance and Women Empowerment through 383
Bidisha Banerjee
29. Malnutrition among Young Adult Male Gond Tribals of 393
Sirki Village, Chhattisgarh.
Shatruhan Singh Shyam, Huidrom Suraj Singh and Subal Das

Index 397


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