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Siddhartha Sarkar

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“Basic education can also help women access their social and legal rights, and enable them to participate in management. However, having women in leadership and decisionmaking roles does not automatically translate to real authority, influence or systemic change. Fur ther education and professional training are typically required for women to be considered credible, influential, highlevel leaders and decision-makers. The research focusing on the debate between male and female effectiveness should be redirected since it seems quite clear that questions regarding leader effectiveness and leader emergence are better linked to the individual rather than to an individual's sex or even gender role.”


Siddhartha Sarkar (b.1973), PhD (Economics), PDF (The Netherlands and Hungary), CAF (London, UK) is serving as the Principal and Executive Head at A.C.College of Commerce, West Bengal, India and as Founder Director of Centre for Human Trafficking Research. He has previously been a Post Doctoral Fellow and Visiting Professor (2006) in University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a Senior Post Doctoral and Professorial Fellow (2010) in Thammasat University and Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, Senior Post Doctoral Fellow and Visiting Professor (2011) in Corvinus University and Central European University, Hungary. He was also a Commonwealth Academic Fellow (2013-2014) in SOAS, University of London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Cambridge University, United Kingdom, and European Commission Erasmus Mundus Visiting Professor (2015) in University of Warsaw, Poland. Sarkar is nominated as a working committee member of the 'National Institution for Transforming India' (NITI Aayog), Government of India and the recipient of India Leadership Award 2 0 1 8 . He is available at.


Preface .7

1. The Status of Women .9
Samwinga-Imasiku, E.N. and Sarkar, S.

2. Measuring Women Empowerment .27
Gupta, M.S.

3. Women and Education .47
Rena, R.

4. Women in Employment and Politics .69
Dzimbiri, L.B. and Pendame, M.

5. Gender Discrimination in Education .89
Acheampong, I.K.

6. Women as Political Leaders .109
Adamu, F.L. and Mensah, J.V.

7. Technology and Women Empowerment .121
Muraleedharan, K.

8. Gender in Education Management .133
Dzimbiri, L.B.

9. Travel Program and Women Leadership .147
Hernandez, P.

10. Women Voice for Educational Reforms .165
Asmah, M.

11. Gender and Natural Resource Management .175
Were, I. and Sarkar, S.

12. Women Leadership .189
Johnson, N. and Birundha, D.

13. Gender Discrimination in Technology .199
Mensah, J.V. and Antwi, K.B.

14. Women in Self-help Group .219
Kar, J.

Index .231

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