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The Mughals The Kings The Queens and The Begums

Author Dr. Narayan Raj, Syed Rafiuddin
Year 2017
Binding Hardback
Pages 146
ISBN10, ISBN13 9351282473, 9789351282471
Short Description
The Title 'The Mughals The Kings The Queens and The Begums written/authored/edited by Dr. Narayan Raj, Syed Rafiuddin', published in the year 2017. The ISBN 9789351282471 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 146 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Kalpaz Publications. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is History.
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This main objective of  publishing this book is to highlight the contribution of The Mughal  Kings, The Queens and The Begums. It covers briefly the Mughal Kings from Tahmur to Bahadur shah Zafar, who played an important role with honor,
dignity and glory with special emphasis on the prominent Kings. The Queens and the Begums were not only talented but played a dominant role in Social and Cultural activities. They were educated. The mughal ladies were also into contemporary Politics of the State and their contribution till the end of the Mughal Rule forms a part of rich cultural heritage. This book provides fascinating details about the Culture , society, Dress, Jwellery and the life of that era. We feel happy and proud to present this book which is not only based on historical details but with rare photographs from miniatures and chronograms.


Dr. Narayan Raj born on 21st July,1939 and obtained Ph.D. degree. He comes from the illustrious family of Hyderabad. Seven generations of his family were authors and writers in Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Awadhi, Brij
Bhasha  and English languages. He held senior positions in Public and Private Sectors. Presently, he is the Managing Trustee of the Narhari Pershad Charitable Trust and on Board of Trustees of Dr.Zore Foundation. He compiled jointly a book in Urdu and co-edited and compiled a book in Persian.
Syed Rafiuddin Qadri born on 16th March, 1949. He is a Science graduate. Son of Dr.Syed Mohiuddin Qadri Zore a renowned scholar, who is considered to be an  authority on Qutub Shahi Dynasty of Hyderabad. Syed Rafiuddin Qadri is associated with different organizations. He is a   member of the Managing Committee of Idara-e-Adabiyat-e-Urdu. He is a l so Chairman of Dr. Zore Foundation. He compiled and published Six books in Urdu language.


Preface  9
1. Introduction 15
2. The Kings and the Queens  21
• Sultan Amir Taimur Saheb Kharan • Jalaluddin Miran Shah • Sultan
Mohammed Mirza • Sultan Abu Sayeed Mirza Badshah • Sultan Omar
Shaik Mirza • Zaheer-ud-Din Babar Badshah ‘Firdaus Makan’
• Naseeruddin Humayun Badshah ‘Jannat Ashiyan’ • Jalaluddin Akbar
Shah Badshah ‘ARSH ASHIYAN’ • Nuruddin Jahangir Shah Badshah
‘Jannat Makan’ • Shahabuddin Shah Jahan Badshah ‘Ain Makan’
• Mohiuddin Mohammed Aurangzeb Alamgir Badshah ‘Khuld Makan’
• Mohammed Muazzam Mulghabib Shah Alam Bahadur Shah ‘Khul’d
Manzil’ • Jalaluddin Mohammed Farrukh Siyar Badshah ‘Shahid–Imarhum’
• Rafi-ud-Darjat Mohammed Abul Barkat Badshah
• Shamusuddin Rafi-ud-Daula Badshah • Abul Fateh Mohammed Shah
Badshah ‘Firdaus Aramgah’ • Mohammed Moiz-ud-Din Jahandar Shahrah
Badshah ‘Khuld Aramgah’ • Abul Naser Ahmed Shah Badshah • Abul
Muzaffar Jalaluddin Shah Alam ‘Firdaus Manzil’ • Mohi-ul-Milat Shah
Badshah • Aziz-ud-Din Alamgir Sani Badshah ‘Arsh Manzil’ • Moinuddin
Mohammed Akbar Shah Sani ‘Arsh Aramgah’ • Abu Zafar Sirajuddin
Mohammed Bahadur Shah Badshah • Mirza Fakhru Valihed (Crown
Prince of) Bahadur Shah Badshah.
3. The Kings  93
• Sultan Amir Taimur • Jalaluddin Miran Shah • Sultan Mohammed Mirza
• Sultan Abu Sayeed Mirza • Sultan Omer Shaik Mirza • Zaheeruddin
Babar Badshah‘Firdaus Makan’ • Naseeruddin Humayun Badshah ‘Jannat
Ashiyan’ • Jalaluddin Akbar Shah Badshah ‘Arsh Ashiyan’ • Abul
Muzzafar Nuruddin Jahangir Shah Badshah ‘Jannat Makan’
• Shahabuddin Shah Jahan Badshah ‘Ain Makan’ • Mohiuddin
Mohammad Aurangzeb Alamgir Badshah ‘Khuld Makan’ • The Later
Kings • Mohammad Mauzzam Mulghabib Shah Alam Bahadur Shah–I
• ‘Khuld Manzil’ • Abul Muzzaffar Muin-ud-din Jalaluddin Mohammad
Farrukh Siyar Badshah • ‘Shahid-i-marhum’ • Rafi-ud-darjat Mohammad
Abul Barakat Badshah • Shamsuddin Rafi-ud-daula Badshah • Abul Fateh
Mohammed Shah Badshah‘Firdaus Aramgah’ • Mohammed Moiz-ud
Badshah • Abul Muzzafar Jalaluddin Shah Alam ‘Firdaus Manzil’ • Mohiul
Mulat Shah Badshah • Azziz-ud-din Alamgir Sani Badshah ‘Arsh Manzil’
• Moin-ud-din Mohammed Akbar Shah Sani ‘Arsh Aramgah’ • Abu Zafar
Siraj-ud-din Mohammed Bahadur Shah Badshah • Mirza Fakru Valiahed
Bahadur Shah Badshah.

4. The Queens and The Begums 119
• Hameeda Banu Begum • Fakhr-un-nisa Begum • Arjani or Azmat-unnisa
Begum • Khanzada Begum • Gul Badan Begum • Bakt-un-nisa Begum
• Salima Sultan Begum • Jodha Bai • Nur Jahan Begum • Hayat-un-nisa
Begum • Aram Jan Begum • Mumtaz Mahal • Akbarabadi Or Azaiz-unnisa
Begum • Jahan Ara Begum • Bachmani Begum • Suraiya Banu Begum
• Qudsia Perhaiz Banu Begum • Asayash Banu Begum • Aurangabadi
Begum • Zeb-un-nisa Begum • Zeenat-un-nisa Begum • Badshah Begum
• Badr-un-nisa Begum • Amat-ul-habib • Mihr Parwar • Lal Kunwar-
Imtiyaz Mahal-Zeenat Mahal • Arham Bai Or Khudsia Begum • Aayi
5. Conclusion  133
References  135
• Primary Source • Miniature • Secondary Sources • Urdu Books
• English Books • Journals.
Index  137




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